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Empowering Leaders Group 24-25

Walking alongside each other as we navigate our leadership journey

A network of support, inspiration and collaboration for school leaders who seek to empower their teams and lead others with a coaching style

Are you a bit tired of facing the challenges of leadership alone?

Would you like to have the support of a compassionate, yet empowering group of colleagues, who get it?

Do you wish you could bring more of a coaching style into your leadership, delegate more effectively and really empower your team to do their best work?

Maybe you'd really like to experience coaching, but are struggling to afford 1:1 coaching for yourself.


I'm Helen, your group coach

I'm a coach who was previously a headteacher. You can find out more about me here.

I will run the group broadly on ‘action learning set’ principles, ensuring that we foster a safe, non-judgmental environment where everyone feels able to share honestly and receive contributions with kindness and understanding. There is a willingness to share our ideas, experiences and knowledge to support each other with challenges we face in leading others.

We follow an appreciative inquiry approach (very flexibly!) which encourages an appreciation of strengths and what is going well, as well as an awareness of the challenges.

What is 'Empowering Leaders' 24-25 and how do I join?

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