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Being a Coaching Leader

Are you a leader who wants to empower their staff?

Are you keen to build a culture that nurtures and distributes leadership? 

Maybe you're wondering why the things you have tried haven't had the desired effect yet? 

Are you curious about bringing more of a coaching style into your leadership?

Maybe you've had coaching yourself and want to spread the benefits, but aren't sure where to start.

If that's you, then my course and membership 'Being a Coaching Leader' is for you.

There's no start date - you join when it suits you and access the materials at your own pace. Perfect for busy people like you!

By joining you gain access to a support network of like-minded leaders.

A 5-star review from Nick (current group member) said this: 'The sessions always have a focus but with enough space to grow into other areas. It is always rooted in common sense, practicality and warmth.'

I’ve developed a model of coaching leadership, which is based around 5 behaviours:

  1. Ask - when you ask empowering questions you stop being perceived as 'the expert', and you start building and valuing the expertise of others.

  2. Listen - when people feel seen and heard they become more motivated and confident.

  3. Be emotionally agile - in the tough work of leadership, difficult emotions often come up. Managing those moments with self-kindness helps us to respond, rather than react.

  4. Give quality feedback - when you give guidance that's 'clear but kind' you help people grow and develop.

  5. Nurture leadership - setting up structures and systems that give people permission to lead really gets your organisation moving forwards.

What's in the course?

The online materials (videos and pdfs) cover each behaviour, giving you things to practice in your work as a leader, guided reflections to gently deepen your self-awareness and useful proformas to help you stay on track. In each section, I’ll make recommendations for further reading, in case you want to find out more.


The idea is that each bit of the course is a handy, bitesize chunk that you can fit in around your busy schedule. The emphasis is on behaviours and practices that you can do, and that will support your leadership.

In our friendly and welcoming group, we're creating a safe, non-judgemental space where you can develop your leadership with the support of an experienced coach.

What will I get from the group?

Each month there’s a group coaching zoom meeting, giving you the chance to learn alongside other like-minded leaders and ask about the dilemmas and issues that have arisen for you.


In the private Facebook group you can share what you’re doing and how it’s going and gain support and advice from me and other members.

The image outlines the 5 behaviours of a coaching leader

If you're not ready to sign up for the course yet, you can still receive free, actionable leadership tips delivered to your inbox fortnightly. Just sign up for my 'Coaching Leaders' newsletter.

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