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Career Coaching

Are you unhappy with the direction your career is taking? Do you feel as if work is taking over your life? Or are you feeling as if you have dreams you want to fulfil and are unsure how to proceed?

Get in touch to see how coaching could help.

'I was most definitely at a big decision point in my career and really struggling with making a decision. I very much felt like time was running out but did not really know what I wanted to do with that time. Speaking to you helped me really focus on what is important to me so that I could then look at the direction to go.' Emma Kehoe, Director of Specialist Provision

When working with people who are about to embark on a new direction in their lives, I seek to bring 3 elements to the conversation:

  • Personal growth

Transition points in our lives can create emotional turbulence. The safe, reflective space that coaching provides gives clients the chance to bring these to the surface and become aware of the implications. Clients can build their awareness of the thoughts and feelings that may be getting in their way and take steps to address them.

  • Professional development

Assessments can be completed to assist clients to identify their strengths and areas for development. The discussion following this can bring greater clarity on goals for the future and the concrete steps that need to be taken in order to progress.

  • A fresh perspective

Sometimes a client will need to step outside of their current reality and gain a fresh perspective so that they can identify barriers and self-limiting beliefs that may be holding them back.

A specific package is offered below, but if you would like something more bespoke, please get in touch and we can discuss options.




Designing Your Work Life


This book  by Dan Evans and Bill Burnett was my Leadership Book of the Month a few months ago. You can watch a video where I pull out the key points by following this link to my YouTube channel.


Stealing the Show


Steal the Show by Michael Port was my Book of the Month a few months ago. It really helps if you are struggling to put yourself across in a confident, assured way in an interview situation. You can watch a video where I pull out the key points of the book by following this link to my YouTube channel.

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