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Leadership Coaching Services

Leadership Coaching 
Quick Sync

I create a safe space in which a leader can reflect and be strategic trying out ideas and options. I take on the role of thinking partner: listening carefully, challenging assumptions and helping to find a fresh perspective.

If you want to see progress on a big leadership challenge, or you feel burdened by self doubt ('imposter syndrome'), a leadership coaching programme could really help.


I usually work in blocks of 4 x 1 hr sessions (conducted weekly or fortnightly). The current cost of this package is £300. 

Some leaders prefer to have regular sessions e.g. fortnightly or monthly. A block of 6 x 1hr sessions costs £420.

If you'd like something different, please get in touch and we can discuss.

How did you benefit from the coaching?

"Feeling that I have a safe non-judgemental space to express any issues impacting upon my day to day. Feeling listened to and empowered to act."

Julie, Headteacher

I usually work via video call, or phone call, (but we can discuss your preferences). I offer a complimentary consultation call to help clarify your requirements. We can work together to establish a programme that will deliver the results you are looking for.


'Helen instantly puts you at ease and through her very clever questioning technique and listening skills, enables you to think differently and come up with solutions.'

Terri, Business Manager

Strategic Planning

I love strategic planning! If you are struggling to express your vision, values and strategy for your organisation or business, I offer a 2 hour strategy session for just £160. I'll help you find clarity on these important strands, and I'll challenge your assumptions to help you get really specific and focus on the right things. We'll explore stakeholder views and make sure you've taken them into account, so that you feel really confident in leading the strategic planning process. Get in touch if you'd like to book a strategy session, using the button below.

If you'd like more support with stakeholder engagement, I can facilitate workshops to ensure you come up with a plan that everyone can get behind.

"In just 2 hours I was able to evolve my strategic planning so that I am now fully focused on the elements I need to work on for the next 6-9 months." 

Maria Wojciechowska-Caneda, founder, director and creative educator

Team Development

If you need to improve the efficiency of your team, I offer team coaching. This will typically include an audit stage followed by a combination of group and individual sessions, and workshops to explore where the barriers are to success and identify how you can best work together to overcome them.

I'll support the team to get clear about their common purpose and their own roles and responsibilities. I'll help the team establish a culture which fosters creativity, and helps maximise productivity and effectiveness. 

We would begin with a complimentary consultation call to explore your requirements and establish the best model for the programme.

Being a coaching leader

I present on the topic of 'coaching leadership' - bringing a coaching ethos into your leadership. I have developed a model of 5 core behaviours of the 'coaching leader' - listen, ask, be emotionally agile, give quality feedback and nurture leadership. Being a coaching leader is a great way to empower your team to do great work, and build leadership capacity in your organisation.


I can deliver this as a workshop to leaders in your organisation. It can be delivered as a stand alone session, or in combination with some individual or team coaching to help overcome the barriers to becoming a coaching leader.

Download my free 'managing difficult conversations' workbook

Blush and Brown Simple Wellness Workbook PDF_edited.jpg

My commitment to clients

  • I will always come to a session ready to be fully present, and prepared to work with you on your issues.

  • I will be clear from the outset as to what the charges are. There will be no hidden extras.

  • My practice will be in line with the European Mentoring and Coaching Council’s ‘Global Code of Ethics’ which is available to view at

  • This guides me to be an ethical practitioner, who acts with integrity and honesty, and maintains clear confidentiality protocols.

  • I undertake regular supervision to help me monitor and keep improving the quality of my coaching. I take part in regular training sessions to keep myself abreast of developments and continue improving my practice.

  • I am fully insured.

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