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Niamh K, Principal

The coaching lifted a huge weight off my shoulders. I am more confident in my decisions as I am now value-led and this helps me to feel and act more  calmly and confidently in challenging situations. I feel much better in all of my dealings with people in my role as leader.

Dominic Martin, Headteacher, Benton Park Primary School

Knowing I am talking to someone who has dealt with similar things is hugely beneficial


The quality of the listening is appreciated – I really feel like I am seen and heard without judgement. The quality of empathy is very tangible.

Jenny, Headteacher

I have  found the opportunity to discuss challenges in a confidential environment extremely valuable.. I have started to feel more focused in my working life . . . I am feeling more confident due to better organisational skills and this is reflected in my leadership across school.

Simon James, Charity CEO

I was particularly impressed by Helen’s ability to recall, recapture and link things I was (and maybe wasn’t) saying – in the sessions. You feel that Helen is both listening and hearing what you’re saying which enables her to ask the right next question - even if the answer is sometimes hard...

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