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Niamh K, Principal

The coaching lifted a huge weight off my shoulders. I am more confident in my decisions as I am now value-led and this helps me to feel and act more  calmly and confidently in challenging situations. I feel much better in all of my dealings with people in my role as leader.

Megan Beck, Director, Grays Wharf CIC

The coaching has helped me to zoom out and more clearly see the various tasks, issues, ideas and thoughts which have been swirling around in my mind for some time.

Helen’s technique of summarising and reflecting back what I said was extremely effective as it demonstrated that she was really listening, helped me to clarify my thoughts and got to the nub of the issue.

Sophie Bartlett, Acting CEO of Yes Futures

I have greater confidence in myself and my strengths . . . The coaching helped me work through and understand my motivations, figuring out what is realistic . . . I think you used questions really well to help me dive into things more and really unpick what was behind what I was saying.

Simon James, Charity CEO

I was particularly impressed by Helen’s ability to recall, recapture and link things I was (and maybe wasn’t) saying – in the sessions. You feel that Helen is both listening and hearing what you’re saying which enables her to ask the right next question - even if the answer is sometimes hard...

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