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Thanks for visiting! Please have a look at the video clip where I tell you more about myself and the services I offer.


I’ve been grappling with school leadership issues for 20 years, so my work is underpinned by empathy. See 'About Me' section).


In 1:1 coaching, I’ll help you stand back and look at your own leadership, seeing clearly what’s working and what’s not.


In my online resources/groups, I offer you possibilities, based on my knowledge and experience, for how you can move towards more empowering leadership and more efficient workload management. These will help you get closer to greater work life harmony and sustainability of your role.

The leaders I work with (whether that be Headteacher, Head of School, Executive Head, School Principal, MAT CEO etc) are passionate about their school communities. They want to empower their teams to do great work, and coaching sessions can focus on issues like strategic planning, relationships at work and communication, as well as more personal aspects of their leadership journey like self-doubt and dealing with overwhelm.

Find out more about my Leadership Coaching services.

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